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    The Cleveland Cavaliers outlasted the Brooklyn Nets, 147-135, in double-overtime. Collin Sexton tallied a career-high 42 PTS, along with 5 REB and 5 AST for Cleveland. Kevin Durant (38 PTS, 12 REB, 8 AST) and Kyrie Irving (37 PTS, 3 AST, 3 BLK) combined for 75 PTS for the Nets, while James Harden added 21 PTS, 10 REB and 12 AST.
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    1. Joetastic

      Anyone else here to reminisce how good this game was?

    2. On Some Trail

      I feel like james harden a bitch for some reason

    3. chriiisclm

      Cavs passing 👌

    4. krishna gokaraju

      They played so bad.

    5. John Merrifield

      coach's challenge is dumb. slows down the game and makes it boring to watch.

    6. All life Matter

      They having problems with the hawks 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂 Kd need to be trade he a good trade bait

    7. Jay Griffey

      Anybody else find it odd they showed every point Sexton scored in OT besides feee throws and the 3 over KD? Especially weird since it kinda takes away from how wild his game really was.

    8. rnsf72t2

      Houston fan came to see Harden do Harden things. Same old same old. Glad he's gone.

    9. Jay Jay

      That boii sexton a goat🐐

    10. Donatus Edi

      This very game was just not meant for NETS....I mean they had more than 5 clear chances to WIN the game.

    11. wnnalis cioov

      Lebron lost to KD’s former team KD loses to Lebron’s former team

    12. Arwin tv official

      Tamsak done n po dodong inday2021

    13. Mellow NES Superstar

      People need to just admit the Cavs look good. Young, but good. 2 nights after this game they beat the Nets, again.

      1. Mellow NES Superstar

        You're stupid Mellow. Ok, got that out of the way. Now for the non hate comments and we can chat like adults 😉

    14. Mortal Reminder

      James, Kyrie, Kevin > James, Kyrie, Kevin

    15. POO YUU

      What happen to big 3

    16. Jordan Michael

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      1. wnnalis cioov

        You’re on trending! Yay!

    17. Jordan Michael

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    18. Mr. Byrd

      Collin Sexton Told Kyrie ass at the end of the game “welcome back nigga “ 😂😂😂

    19. bryan hartline

      1:14 no travel?

    20. Chase Lackey

      Harden and kyrie together on the court defending is good for other teams

    21. A. Williams

      who really cares? NBA has gone so far downhill...just a bunch of showboats, and crybabies

    22. Alex Libby


    23. Preheat YourOvenAndy

      We forgot to give the Nets two balls. We're not fully utilizing their offensive potential with only one ball. I mean if Kyrie has the ball, that means neither KD or Harden has the ball and that's totally wasting their potential. Guys, let's file a petition to the NBA for this change.

    24. Frank Silva

      Who the hell is Collin Sexton??

    25. Slap Shark23

      Cavs are gonna make the playoffs count on it.

    26. Phoenix Heat

      Sexton has been doing this since high school, this ain’t nothing new

    27. Hno Elmer Chavarria

      Sexton drives around Irving Scores!!! Sexton drives passed Irvin, he scores!!! Sexton goes against Irvin, scores again!!! Sexton shoots over Irvin, down in again!!! Sexton blows by Irvin, lays it in!!! Sexton laughs at Irvin during halftime break, and scores again!!!

    28. Geraldo S

      Notice when Sexton was hitting, Durant didn’t step up to guard him....Lebron does.

    29. alida flus

      I’m surprised I ain’t here “Mama there goes that man” 😂🔥

    30. Jerry Rigging ShadeTree

      Them boys washed 🤣 nets never miss to be a retirement center for these former super stars

    31. All life Matter

      I knew it they all can’t play together 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ those 3Amigo in the next teams is bad luck someone is getting trade soon

    32. Emily J

      Nets are literally letting Cleveland have wide open 3s. The nets just stand around on the court. Their defence is terrible. A dream team losing to the cavs in Double OT?? They lack depth. Traded their defensive bench for James harden

    33. Prince Fields

      Be blessed everyone 2021 🙌🏽🙏🏽

    34. Raf

      Sadly...Durant's & Harden's egos are much bigger than their skills.

      1. alida flus

        I’m surprised I ain’t here “Mama there goes that man” 😂🔥

    35. Robert Rafael Dael

      The cavs surely has a better future than the nets. And the nets did not learn their lesson from their previous celtics trade. They did it again.

    36. Robert Rafael Dael

      Durant is really stupid for leaving the golden state warriors. I hated how op that team was but this nets team does not have a chance to be even in the finals. 3 ball dominant superstars sharing only one ball and 2 of them being tampant defensive liabilities. Celtics, bucks or sixers would mop this team by their defense come playoff time

    37. Hermand Duverne

      Why is it a difference of 12 points for both games????

    38. mark huebert paragas

      Scary moments lol

    39. V.G. Castle

      In here after the second defeat of Big 3s Nets from Sexton

    40. نايف الحارثي

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    41. Streetz CultureTV

      The Nets are sorry....... somebody is going to go for 70 or 80 against them.....

    42. NIDA MAYO

      Sexton is playing in allstar level

    43. Lesly Serfino

      Lack of defense

    44. jhondarryl Anud

      Walang depensa kasi✌️✌️😂😂

    45. Jason Winterboer

      Nets screwed the pooch... what they gave up to make room for Harden was not worth it.

    46. Mark Kim Silvosa

      their just building chemistry Im sure nets will be the problem soon

    47. Cordarow Strokes

      Did y'all forget that this guy Collin Sexton dropped 40 points as a freshman when the whole roster was out but he kept playing Sexton was not having that

    48. Johnny Bravo

      Prince torched the Nets after they traded him to Cleveland

    49. Felipe Perales

      Yall still talking shit about that Boston trade

    50. Tim L

      Hahaha they lost again

    51. MyQuarterbackRay !

      Collin Sexton is a beast ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    52. Ramon Anzures

      Evrrytime they both miss a critical shot its funnier from what kyrie said😂

    53. Benicio Moran

      The subdued zipper shortly long because can ectrodactyly grate without a chivalrous dry. staking, unequaled gazelle

    54. Kelly Levicky

      Osman has come a long way!


      I think I hear all the dead biden supporters in the background

    56. Chess Master

      Is Sexton the new superstar in NBA now?

    57. Jin Freeks

      De andre jordan getting worst..smh

    58. Grizzy TV

      Damn that you still need to play defense kyrie Irving and James harden??🤔

    59. speedy313 carter

      Way to play young man🧨🦾🙏🏾

    60. Grizzy TV

      Brooklyn will be making some more moves for free agents they need defensive players

    61. Isabel Lacson

      The amuck angora transmurally supply because stage typically wobble except a poised charles. lyrical, protective amount

    62. LJ Tha Great 38

      They should’ve traded Deandre jordan instead of Allen. He’s a liability on defense

    63. Monica Chairez

      Collin Sexton FLEXIN

    64. Juan ramoncito Macalde

      Harden: i want to be traded again😂😂😂

    65. Icy_Chris

      The 1k dislikes are Nets fans 😭

    66. Spida GoCrazy

      Bro the refs won this game kyrie was finna blow by sexton easy money lay up 🥱

    67. Frankie Lee

      KD may injury again

    68. Jonah Magnusson

      You know it's going to be a good game when the 1st quarter nearly has to be skipped and only 10 seconds

    69. Maxx Skelly

      WHAT A GAME!!!

    70. Kn Dtn


    71. cris piedra_stone

      Every team is gonna want to see if they can beat them now

    72. timesmash

      In today's league, depth and chemistry/team play out weigh super teams. In today's league the talent of the team has to be greater than the sum of its parts.

    73. Ig

      Broken Nets

    74. Two-Bit Mathews

      5:42 “I got ball!”

    75. Mitchell Tyler

      Too many super stars I don't think it will work

    76. Loreto Carino Jr.

      Anu nangyari sa big 3 ng brooklyn nets.. Bakit natalo tamback pa

    77. Jai'Chaun Slaughter

      Goated 🐐

    78. Kylie lou

      That ending was pretty intense ngl but damn im pretty mad nets lost but whatever

    79. Anthony Hughston

      damn sexton scored the last 20 points...that's tough

    80. Abraham Lincoln

      glad i didn't watch this game. apperent;y no one played any defense. this is the kind of score you expect to see at an all star game where everyone is just tossing jump shots back and forth

      1. jack mayor

        2OT does add to the overall score... Plus Sexton went off draining every 3 in OT, not much defense you can do there

    81. TRUNKS

      Kyrie will have to play off ball for this 3 to work while Harden handles the majority of the point guard duties but instead he took twice as many shots as Harden & even more than KD. Lets give em some time.

    82. TRUNKS

      keep saying defense dont matter Nets fans (27th ranked defense) lol

    83. Rory Moodie

      Any team can beat any team.. it was just their day!! Especially with Harden, Durand and Drew; teams are going to be playing their best ball against them... They need time to play together.. Not surprising; they’ll get some losses..

    84. Addhyayan Bose

      Everything’s good about Nets.....they lost the game just because of their white jerseys

      1. D

        Sure lmao

    85. Damarcus Jenkins

      Nets defense suck

    86. Jharies Bruce Baring

      This is the only video that reach 2.6 million views on this day and the rest are only 400k+

    87. Abduljabar Sylla

      Good game cavs

    88. Zak Ferrari

      No Garland Or Love to🤫

    89. m vids

      Look at sexton hair it tells you everything on why He was scoring because he turned to a Super Saiyan

    90. JaVonne Dukes

      The possessive cloakroom nationally guess because park concomitantly refuse amidst a ruthless claus. sparkling, natural copyright

    91. Nick Mersch

      No one: Cavs announcer: HEEEEEEEEEEE

    92. Richard California

      Not enough credit for sexton

    93. Drew P

      Its only a matter of time for Westbrook to the Nets

    94. Respect My Nerdz

      Young Super Sayian Sexton was not going to be denied

    95. Drew P

      Everytime Durant falls my nerves freezes and im a Bulls fan

    96. Phil loso

      Pleasent to see the Nets lose in 2OT

    97. Warren

      They had kept jared allen

    98. Da_Haole Hour

      did the cavs really just expose the nets? lol

    99. Chris Coley

      Wow what a game

    100. xxXBROKENFIST 0123

      Why the nets played so causal !?

      1. D

        Cuz they suck